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Here Are A Few Selected Projects In Our Portfolio

Greyhound Country Inn & Restaurant

We were asked by Tina to create a new clean website for the Pub/Restaurant she had just taken ownership of in Devon. She had plans to give the pub a new look and feel and wanted the same from the website.

So we came up with a new clean and simple to use website using images of the pub after she had cleaned it all up. she has been more than happy for a number of years now.

DarkStorm Studios Image

DarkStorm Studios

DarkStorm Studios is a new and upcoming studio making computer games one of them on is based on a TV show I love called Stargate so when they asked us to build and host there website we jumped at the chance.

I am also proud to say that moving forward we will be sponsoring them and helping them in any way we can so if you love games and Stargate then watch there site for further developments

Fuel Drain Ltd

Fuel Drain is a company based in Stevenage who specialise in drain fuel from cars when people make the mistake of putting diesel into a petrol car or the other way around.

We have since built 2 designs for them over the years to keep the site fresh and modern we have also updated with further pages as they have now branched out into mechanics as well

fuel drain
BE1 1

BE1 Architects

BE1 is an Architecture Company based in Bedford who asked for a clean simple website to be able to show of there work to new clients and to draw clients in.

After working alongside their head of Media we came up with the design they have now this has helped them to secure clients and draw more clients in so overall a huge success for them and for us.

Platinum Cycles

We hosted his wife’s site which was to do with her accounting business and they asked us to make up a small site as her husband was looking to sell second-hand bikes.

This was meant to be a small part-time job which seems to of taken a bit more time as it has been very successful since his business and the website went live.

This site uses both WordPress and parts of WooCommerce

Platinum Cycles3

We work closely with our clients so that they get the website they want, we take great pride in our work, it’s a team effort to the perfect site that is why we stay in contact through the entire build process.

Our customers are more than happy for their sites to be added to our portfolio so please take a look at some of the work we have done, we love working with WordPress and we are always trying to come up with new and better way of doing things.

We only work with WordPress, the design process is fun to do every site is different and opens up new challenges which will always rise to, we always do our best to accommodate your every need.

As part of the design process, we will optimize your website site for you and offer you great deals on hosting your WordPress website.

We will be adding more sites to our portfolio as we currently have a number of sites in the process of being built.